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Please Print and bring along to the meeting with you.  Agenda Additions will be accepted during the beginning of the meeting.Dues are due next month.  Why not bring them tonight and get an early start?!  $20 for a single ham, $25 for a household.
Hope to see you there!Anthony

HARC Meeting Agenda for July 6, 2021"First in person mtg since the beginning of the pandemic.  Held at Field Day site on Woodley Island."Call to Order.  
Roll Call of Member Stations:
Agenda Additions:Secretary's Report: Sherry
Treasurer's Report: MarciVEC Report: DanChristmas Party:
  Emcomm Group: Peter  Auxcomm: Greg or Anthony
 Winlink Wednesday Net: Matthew
 NBEMS Net: Jaye
Workshops: Howard      June Workshop Review
      July Workshop
Tube Contest: Matthew
Trailer Report: Anthony   Tower Trailer:  Washed, Waxed, door seal lubed, long coaxes on board.  Thank you Steve.
   Comm Trailer:  Two 30' LMR240's for mast bought by David.  Thanks Don N. for consult.   Both trailer at the water works. 
   Registration update: Marci
HARC Website: David        Website Domain Name:  JayeHARC Net: BenMuni Clubhouse: Anthony
Rainbow Ridge Repeater:   Digipeater: Jaye   Repeater: Anthony
Muni Repeater:  Battery Backup:  DonKneeland Repeater Potential: AnthonyPast Events:
   Field Day:  
Future Events:   REER:  August 12. Redwood National Park.  We need communicators.  Contact KG6LHW at arrl.net
Agenda Additions:

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