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Please see the attached Agenda. Text has also been copied here for your


HARC March Business Meeting Agenda

March 1, 2022

We will continue to meet on-air for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we can
meet in person, outside, as longer and warmer evenings are upon us.

1.     Call to Order

2.     Roll Call of Stations: Jaye KE6SLS ke6sls at arrl.net

3.     Agenda additions

4.     Secretary’s Report: Jaye KE6SLS

5.     Treasurer’s Report: Marci KE6IAU

6.     VE Report: Dan KB6DE

7.     Winlnk

a.     Local Gateway: Don WA6NBG

b.     Wednesday Net: Matthew KN6CEI www.humboldtwinlinkwednesday.net

8.     NBEMS Net: Jaye KE6SLS

9.     HARC Net: Ben KK6SYJ / GENE K6PCS

a.     ARRL Audio News; Randy KN6NSK

10. HARC Website: Seer KM6MWO

11. Workshops: Ben KK6SYJ

a.     Are you interested in being HARC’s Workshop Coordinator? Let Ben
know, KK6SYJ at Arrl.net HARC has room for you to flex your intellect on an
Amateur Radio related topic. Third Tuesday of the month.

12. Interesting Radio Activities / Shack Additions? : Ben KK6SYJ

13. Tube Contest: Matthew KN6CEI

14. Auxcomm: Greg KJ6OUI

a.     https://humboldtgov.org/3202/Auxiliary-Communications-Team

15. Upcoming Events

a.     Meeting in person? Suggested potential meeting locations include
3030 L street, Others?

b.     SEA-PAC Online registration to open March 7th.

c.      Technician Class Begins March 14th 7pm on Zoom – Contact Don KE6HEC
(707) 834-0042

d.     Kinetic Grand Championship – May 28 thru May 30 between Arcata and
Ferndale, CA. See Peter W6IES *[COVID-19] Vaccinations will be required for
all racers and volunteers.*

16. Past Events

a.     Winter Winlink Exercise – David KN6CEH

17. Agenda Additions

18. Final Roll Call

19. Close
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